Midnight Raids


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released May 5, 2015

Recorded by Hannes Heed in our rehersal space April 2015. Mastered by GG at All In Audio. Thefts, mistakes, fuck ups and bad analysis by IRON.

Thanks to everyone who gave a fuck. You know who you are.

7" ep is set for release July 2015 in collaboration with the following labels:

Assault Records (Germany) www.assaultrecords.com
Lösa Boliner (Sweden)
The Underground Fraction (Sweden) theundergroundfraction.wordpress.com
Epidemic Records (Italy) www.epidemicrecords.net
Angry Music (Denmark) facebook.com/angrymusicrecords
Mosh Potatoes (Belgium) www.facebook.com/2PC4U
Monument Recordings (Sweden) www.monumenthq.se/shop/




IRON Sweden

Hardcore punk from Malmö, Sweden.

Queer, vegan straight edge and vehemently anti-capitalist.

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Track Name: Intro Mosh/Money is a Sign of Poverty
From each according to ability
To each according to their needs
Such an easy goal to achieve
In this age of technology

Market economy is artificial scarcity
And money is a sign of poverty

Capitalism: always the enemy
And money is a sign of poverty.
Track Name: Drugfree Resistance
After all we said and all we done
Won't let our struggles die like this
And our dreams of a new world
Get washed away in beer and piss

Drugfree resistance

For all the sober freedom fighters
For all the straight edge anarchists
Brothers, sisters, queers and rioters
With pitch black ink on risen fists

(Spanish translation by Madrid Straight Edge)

Después de todo lo que hemos dicho y todo lo que hemos hecho
No dejaremos que nuestra lucha muera así
y que nuestros sueños de un mundo nuevo
sean arrastrados en alcohol y pis.


Por todos los sobrios combatientes
Hermanos, hermanas, queers y revoltosos
con tinta negra como el carbon en el puño alzado.
Track Name: The Flood
Strike upon strike
A thousand midnight raids
To cut open every cage
To lay every death machine to waste

We descend like a storm
Of fire and steel
With fire comes freedom
The day of reckoning is near

The terror in their eyes
Forever justifies
Every means of liberation
From this horrid carnage
Brought upon the innocents

We descend like a storm
Of fire and steel
With fire comes freedom
The night of justice is here

Sworn to defend
Sworn to bring this hell to an end
To dam these rivers of blood
To sweep this horror away like a flood.
Track Name: Perv Pride
I'm a slut, I'm a pervert
I love freaky kinky sex
And there's nothing you can do about it.
Your opinion doesn't matter to me

Perv pride! Go!

Bring a smile and lots of lube
Whips and rope and rubber too
Whatever we want to, we can do
Let's invite a friend or two!

My body, my lust, my fucking choice!
Track Name: Will to Power
Every day is a war
A struggle to live free
The pressure is on
But they will not crush me

This is my body
This is my blood
This is my beauty
This is my love

A will to power
Reslove to overcome
A longing for release
And fucking space to breathe

We're the freaks, we're the weird
We're the ones who don't belong anywhere
Fearless we stare into the eyes of the world
Our strength will break this chokehold

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