Desperate Fight


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To order a 12" vinyl copy of this record, visit these fine labels: (Germany) (Sweden) (Sweden) (Sweden) (Belgium)

Fun fact: Carl-Johan had not slept for 32 hours when he recorded the drums.


released May 24, 2014

Desperate Fight is a joint effort with IRON and Assault Records, Judas Cradle Records, Monument Records, The Underground Fraction and Mosh Potatoes.

Recorded by GG @ All In Audio, January 2014

Backups by IRON, Morten, Kajsa, Craig & Kurtis




IRON Sweden

Hardcore punk from Malmö, Sweden.

Queer, vegan straight edge and vehemently anti-capitalist.

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Track Name: Get Out!

Get out!

Had it to here with your gendered rules
Stereotype values forced down our throats
Ain't no place in the scene for you backward fools
rape threats, ridicule and sexist insults

Had it to here with your dos and don'ts:

Get out!

You, yes you! You ass grabbing, slut shaming, transphobic, homophobic, misogynist clueless jerks.
This is not your scene and you don't get to make the rules around here anymore.

Get out!

Ladies in the front, girls at the back
This is your scene. Attack! Attack!

Trans* in the front, queers at the back
This is your scene. Attack! Attack!
Track Name: The Beauty of Science
In truth, only atoms and the void
no answers in your holy books
Biochemistry accounts for your soul
and leave no room for ghosts

Four forces of nature
Twelve particles of matter
The basic laws of reality
Explained through the beauty of science

Quarks and leptons, six of each
Higgs verified and peer reviewed
Interacting through the quantum field
We know this to be true

Four forces of nature
Twelve particles of matter
The basic laws of reality
Explained through the power of science

The weak force
The strong force
Track Name: Break New Ground
I still choose my diet with care
but the blood on your hands won't wash away
Resistance always conquer despair
As everyone leaves I still stay
As everyone leaves I'm still right here

Do you have what it takes
to make a change
to reconsider
and to break new ground

I still choose my diet with comfort
Despite your efforts to drag me down
I heard those jokes a million times before
Try to make me look stupid but you are the clown
The joke's on you, man. You are the clown


Dare you face the facts
Dare you face the truth
Of the slaughter house?
Go vegan!
Track Name: Never Again
There are those more concerned with lumps of meat
Than a living, breathing human being
With thoughts and plans and a life to live.
Fuck their laws, their morals, their hatred and urge to control.

Urge to control

Denied her right to choose
Botched in the back room
It's the law of the hanger
Never again

Anti choice is killing women
Anti choice is killing women
Anti choice is killing women
Never again
Track Name: NMA
The weight of the world, it's pinning me down
expectations all around
inhale, exhale
Count to ten and force a smile

I want nothing to do with you
Negative Mental Attitude
I've got a Negative Mental Attitude

Negative, Negative Mental Attitude
Negative, Negative Mental Attitude
Negative, Negative Mental Attitude
Track Name: Songs of War
Add the hours and count the days
Can you feel your life rotting away
Wasting away
Their profit margin: the price that you pay

But we'll be singing songs of war
With prayers their world will be no more
For our kingdom come, and our will be done
When we sing these songs of war

A complete disregard for the rules they set
A grown up man with the mind of the youth
A plot to hand out some just deserts
A black mask, plans and a whispered truth


We have to fight them
We must break them
We will leave their world in ruins


Songs of war
Songs of war
We'll be singing songs of war
Track Name: För Evigt och Alltid
Ft Morten No Fealty, Copenhagen hardcore.

(scroll down for English translation)

Du växte upp och lämnade oss
Men jag står kvar och fortsätter slåss
För dig var det en fas, nåt nytt, nåt ballt.
Men för mig är det här fortfarande allt.

Hardcore i mitt hjärta för evigt och alltid
Rått jävla ljud och bläck i min hud
Min kärlek, mitt liv, min luft, min mat
Hardcore driver mitt glödande hat

För evigt och alltid

Så enkelt att lämna allt du trodde då
Att få skita i allt när vuxenlivet tränger på
Parmiddag med vin och billig filé
Du låtsas att du är nån sorts jävla gourmé

//Hardcore i mit hjerte for evig och altid
Fucking rå lyd og blek i min hud
Min kærlighed, mit liv, min luft, mit mad
Hardcore driver mit glødende had//


Forever and Always

You grew up and left us
But I hold my ground and keep fighting
For you it was a phase, something new, something cool
But for me this still is everything

Hardcore in my heart forever and always
Raw fucking sound and ink in my skin
My love, my life, my air, my food
Hardcore is what drives my burning hatred

Forever and always

So easy to leave everything you believed
To fuck everything to live a grown up life
Double date with wine and cheap filet
Pretending to be some sort of fucking gourmet

Track Name: Apparent Horizon
The death of a giant nuclear furnace
Caving in. In upon itself.
Space time collapses: a breakdown of physics
Light and matter forever trapped

As the black hole swallows its accretion disc

Equations unravel the mysteries
The vast, violent Cosmos is all that exists
Track Name: No Return
Every breath is a step towards the abyss
And each second is forever lost
Forever lost
Forever lost
The grave is patient: your heart is not

No return
No return
No time but the present

No return
No return
No certainty but death

Your prayers are just so many wasted words
Desperate pleas that no God heard
As organs fail and cells decay
The worms will have a feast today

Ref x 2

Celebrate! Rejoice! Endless sleep is drawing close.

No return
No return for me
No return
No return for you

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